Ask your users for feedback

Asking your users for product feedback is easy with Sift.

Asking for feedback

Log in at and go to your workspace.

Click the ✔ New Feedback button at the top of your dashboard.

Your topic

Enter the topic your feedback is about, for example "Inviting teammates" or "Sending private messages." Name it something your users will understand, since they'll see this title themselves.

Types of feedback

You'll also want to specify type of thing you want feedback on.

  • Feature – An existing feature in your app, ideally something the user has already used or has just now used.
  • Idea – An idea for a new feature you're considering.
  • Problem – A problem your user may or may not have.

Your intro message

Write a custom intro your user will see when the widget pops up. This intro message will come from you, e.g. "Josh at Sift."

Happiness and importance

You'll be asking your user about both happiness and importance.

We give you some default phrasing but highly recommend you adjust this to your particular question, particularly depending on the type of feedback you want.

  • Feature – Ask about how happy they are with how the feature works and how important the feature is to them.
  • Idea – Ask about how much they like your idea and how important it is to them.
  • Problem – Ask about how happy they are with how this problem is solved and how big a problem it is (if at all).

Pick your page trigger

You'll need to specify what your page trigger will be, in other words, what URL you will match to prompt the user for feedback.

You can learn more about page targeting here.